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 Most common questions about Freeze Drying.

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Gina's Freeze Dried flowers.


Wedding Flowers...Why enjoy your wedding flowers for only one day. Let Gina's FDF preserve them 

and create a beautiful Keepsake for you to cherish for years to come!


Memorial Flowers...Losing a loved one is never easy. Let Gina's FDF make a Keepsake in Loving Memory of your cherished Loved Ones.

Other Special Moment Flowers... wither its one flower or many, first rose recieved, or just favorite flowers... let us make a special momento keepsake just for you!


Keepsake Display


  • Jewlery Boxes
  • Oval Bubble Frames
  • Rectangle Bubble Frames
  • Heart Bubble Frames
  • Round Bubble Frames
  • Glass Table Tops
  • Other shaped Bubble Frames
  •  Ornaments

Gina's Freeze Dried Flowers



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 What to do with your flowers during and after your special day. Getting them to Gina's FDF